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Title: Wetlands

Media: Oil

Size: Frame Size 12"x10"

Introducing our stunning oil painting of the Florida wetlands, capturing the bright and intense colors of the sky and water. This beautiful piece is painted with a palette knife using high-quality oil paints, creating a unique and textured finish. The vibrant reds, yellow and blues of the marshland and sky are brought to life, making it the perfect addition to any art collection. The use of oil paint and palette knife adds depth and dimension to the scene, allowing you to feel the tranquility and serenity of the wetlands right in your own home. This exquisite painting is a true celebration of the natural beauty found in the wetlands of Florida.


  • Perry grew up on the farmlands of Garrettsville, Ohio. At an early age he won numerous art awards in grade school and high school. Mr. Thompson graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and went on to opening his own fine art gallery, 2 Islands Gallery on Captiva Island, Florida with tremendous success. Perry paints full time and enjoys the creativity on each of his paintings to share with the world.

  • Free shipping and insurance within the USA.

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