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The painting "My Red Heads" by artist Perry Thompson is a beautiful depiction of a group of bright red tulips. The use of mixed media techniques has resulted in a stunning piece of art that captures the essence of these flowers. The painting combines mixed media techniques to create a dynamic and colorful expression of the beauty of nature. The piece would make a great addition to any art collection or as a standalone statement piece. Perry Thompson's work reflects a contemporary approach to floral art that is both original and captivating, making it ideal for art enthusiasts and collectors alike.


All paper and canvas giclee prints are from an original painting by Perry Thompson. Giclee method of printing is the highest quality reproduction method available. Giclee prints use premium archival paper and canvas with non-toxic inks that stay brilliantly colored for years.

My Red Heads

PriceFrom $45.00
  • Perry grew up on the farmlands of Garrettsville, Ohio. At an early age he won numerous art awards in grade school and high school. Mr. Thompson graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and went on to opening his own fine art gallery, 2 Islands Gallery on Captiva Island, Florida with tremendous success. Perry paints full time and enjoys the creativity on each of his paintings to share with the world.

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