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Cow's Life

Simple oil painting by Perry Thompson depicting a cow's life on a local farm.


Pochade (pronounced poe-shod) is the French word for small and quick painting done with a few strokes produces fresh, beautiful results. "Cow's Life" is a charming oil painting on hardwood board that captures the essence of a local farm in Punta Gorda, Florida. The bright sun, lush green grasses, and an old farmhouse are depicted in stunning detail, bringing the tranquil beauty of rural life to life. The painting transports the viewer to a peaceful countryside scene, where a cow leisurely grazes in the warm sunshine. Each brushstroke captures the idyllic atmosphere of the farm, making "Cow's Life" a perfect addition to any art collection. This piece is a wonderful homage to the simple pleasures of farm life and the timeless beauty of the natural world.

Size: 8x10 with 2"black and gold frame

Medium oil on hardboard

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